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Refrigerated Baths

The RB-5A is a refrigerated bath system for open or closed applications for temperature ranges from -20°C to 100°C. It is supplied with a lid and bridging plate and has a bath capacity of 7 liters.

By combining the RB-5A with any of our , four different bath combinations are available to suit your specifications and budget. For optimum bath performance, Techne recommends its bath fluids (<-- please note you will be redirected to Techne Industrial USA's website).

Technical Specifications

Cooling (at 20°C ambient) RB-5A
Minimum achievable temperature -20°C
Cooling capacity at 20°C (W) 145
Cooling capacity at 0°C (W) 145
Cooling capacity at -10°C (W) 110
Overall size L x W x H, in.¹ 16.9 x 9.2 x 17.5
Liquid surface to top of bath - max, in. 2.5
Working area L x W x H, in. 7.5 x 5.9 x 7
Working depth - max/min, liters 7/5.3
Working capacity - max/min, liters 7/5.5
Shipping weight, lbs² 101
Warranty 1 year parts and labor

¹ Overall size with thermoregulator
² Includes bath and skid; add 10 lbs for thermoregulator

Ordering Information

Product Code Description
1071400 RB-5A bath, 7 liter capacity, 117V, less controller, -20°C to 100°C
1071500 RB-5A bath, 7 liter capacity, 240V, less controller, -20°C to 100°C

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