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Hybridization Tubes

Versatile multiple tube formats; mix and match sizes within an instrument to cater for different throughputs, users and applications. Glass hybridization tubes reduce volumes, simplify washing and improve signals!

• Tubes and other accessories can be accommodated at the same time for multiple uses
• Low probe volume, even with large glass tubes. Rotation and design ensure volumes as low as 5ml can be used and recovered
• Unique slot-in tubes; with tube rotation speed of 0 to 20 rpm; controllable to suit your application
• Radioactive safe; protective casing and non-drip tube design minimizes risk to the user
• 3 sizes available: small, mini and unique large tubes
• Durable: thick borosilicate glass
• Easy pour: non drip, safe and convenient
• Sealing ring: O ring-sealed end caps ensure no leakage!
• Escape thread on screw cap: easy opening with no vacuum problems
• Tube assemblies: adaptors to hold multiple small glass tubes for increased capacity

Ordering Information

Description HB-1D Hybrigene
Large (80mm) glass tube with end caps 7022344 7022410
Small (44mm) glass tube with screw cap 7022380 7022411
Small (44mm) glass tube with screw cap end plug not included (for use with FHB70) - 7022414
Multi tube holder for small tubes (holds 3 tubes) - 7022413
Mini-tube holder 7022381 7022412
Mini (32mm) glass tubes with screw caps (pack of 4) 7022388 7022388
Tube adaptor 7022415 -

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