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Hybridization Incubator Accessories

Tube holders
Tube holders with clips; available to carry 16x15ml or 8x50ml tubes. Ideal for higher throughput of smaller samples.

Selectable speed rocking platform
It sits neatly in the base of the unit while still allowing a number of hybridization tubes to be placed above. Made from stainless steel, the rocking platform enables membranes to be processed using a wave motion. Speed range of 0 to 60 oscillations per minute.

Static shelf
Up to 2 Hybrigene or 3 Hybridizer HB-1D static stainless steel mesh shelves can be placed into the tube locators allowing the unit to be used as a simple non-motion incubator. Each shelf can hold up to 4kg (8.8 lbs).

Membrane separators
Strong, reusable porous mesh sheets for placing between membranes to ensure even hybridization when processing multiple hybridization membranes in one tube. Available in packs of 5 (20 x 20cm).

Hybridization tube rack
Useful storage facility for tubes during membrane loading or when not in use. Carries up to 3 large and 3 small tubes.

Ordering Information

Description Hybrigene HB-1D
Tube carrier with clips to hold 16 x 15ml tubes 7022776 7022775
Tube carrier with clips to hold 8 x 50ml tubes 7022424 7022774
Rocking platform 0-60opm FHB4/PLAT FHB1/PLAT
Stainless steel mesh shelf 7022782 7022477

Description Product Code
Membrane separators 20 x 20cm (pack of 5) 7022463
HTH-1 tube rack holder 7022354
Hybrigene incubator wall fixing kit 7022780
Complete kit for stacking 3 Hybrigene units 7022781
Hybrigene incubator stacking kit (secures two units) 7022779

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